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La Salida del 40

This step will give you a great variation to start your dance. And once you got it, you'll be able to introduce small changes to increase even more your Tango repertoire.


Practice Tango Rhythms

Dancing is a constant combination of different rhythmical patterns. If you practice each of them by separated and then you combine them, you'll be able to follow the music much better!

What Our Students Have to Say

This is the Tango platform I was waiting for! Congrats on a great job!

Kelvin Black

From USA

It's amazing how improving a bit your technique can make a huge difference in my dance.

Thank you, guys!

Zasha Swan

From Australia

The Bandoneon Practice Practice Rhythms have helped me immensely to focus in my practice and therefor I managed to progress much faster 🙂

Frank Jones

From Canada

"La Salida del 40" rocks! Not only I managed to learned it, I'm using also to create continuations to that dance-start!

Jack Brownn

From UK