La Salida del 40!

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Starting your dance with style will certainly be a lot more fun. But it will also open the doors to new possibilities!

Petr H.

"This lesson has opened a new world for my Tango!"

Petr H.

Eva T.

"It's such a great feeling to have more resources that look great and are not so difficult"

Eva T.

Vitek Š.

"I wasn't sure about it, but these guys explained it amazingly."

Vitek Š.

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  • Ad repertoire to your Tango

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this suitable for beginners?

Yes! Actually this is a good base for a better dancing.

2. Is this suitable for advanced dancers?

Yes, because, very often, they realise they repeat always the same patterns.

3. How much should I practice?

As everything: the more, the better! But the purpose of this course is to save you a LOT of time. And it will!

4. Is this going to change my dance style?

Your style is in constant transformation, improving. This lesson will actually help you to keep refining it.

This is the Lesson You Were Waiting For!

Today you have the chance to start changing for better your Tango experience. Join the hundreds of dancers who've actually taken this course.